Introducing Harness 2.0 for Web

Fresh Design

After months of hard work it's finally here. Web version 2.0 is visually appealing, colorful, and designed around your brand. Users will never be asked to pick a charity from a drop-down list, our web platform feels and looks like you - because it is you.


Honor Your Donors

The Association of Fundraising Professionals says recognizing your donors may encourage donors to give year after year. With that in mind, your donors will have the option to take part in the Wall of Supporters feature - which displays the name of 12 of your loyal supporters at a time.



New Ways to Reach Your Donors

We want you to build a relationship with your donors. Users will now be offered the option to receive text updates from your organization.

COMING SOON: You will be able to send updates to donors who have opted-in to this service via your admin dashboard.


My Impacts

You do great work. Don't keep it to yourself! With our latest web update your three most recent "My Impacts" are posted seamlessly to your main page. Show your donors the difference they're making.


Better User Experience

Our user dashboard has gotten a face lift. Not only is it more colorful than ever, but we made some practical changes too. We streamlined the language so adding an account is faster and easier than ever. In place of the "Funding Account" button we've added a link to settings, so donors can adjust their giving to their lifestyle