NEW Round-Ups Landing Page

After months of feedback, research and working with experts in the field of design (User Interface & User Experience) - we are proud to release our NEW Landing Page for Round-Up Donations!

Why did we make these changes to the Landing Page?

There are a number of reasons why we updated this landing page, but the most important reasons included improving on the issues we were hearing and seeing from clients & users.  The main points of emphasis included:

  • Improved OVERALL LOOK and FEEL of the landing page
    • So, we gave it an overhaul in terms of the graphics, fonts, transitions and more!
  • Round-Ups as Main point of emphasis for Illustrations & Graphics
    • We realized that supporters landing on this page already knew about (since they're being driven there by your website, social media, newsletters, etc.), now they just wanted to know HOW IT WORKS?  So, we made the "How it Works" section more visually appealing along with centering the theme of the page around explaining ROUND-UPS  (including How it works, benefits, etc.) that complement your branding and cause!
  • Community Feel & Progress (like campaigns)
    • So, we gave the landing page REAL-TIME data that shows the # of Total DonorsCard Swipes & Cents Raised so far!
    • This is based on fundraising research that donors feel more willing to be part of a community of donors when seeing the progress of the group!

Round-Up Analytics Page

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