6 Ways to Support Your Team

6 Ways to Support Your Team

Running a nonprofit organization is hard work that requires an awesome team of people. Of course, even the most awesome teams work best when guided by excellent leadership. In fact, the leaders of a nonprofit are a key component in the organization’s success, and one of the most important things a person in a leadership role can do is offer support.

Generally speaking, individuals working for charitable organizations are dedicated people. They work day-in and day-out to ensure their team is successful in their mission. Without the proper support, these passionate people can quickly become burned out or downtrodden, leading them to leave the organization prematurely or simply stop caring.

Obviously, neither of these things is good for the organization as a whole, and when these problems become a growing trend, you can bet you have a team support problem.

Fortunately, offering good solid support isn’t really all that difficult, meaning you can start ensuring your team is receiving the proper support right away. Try these things to get started.

#1: Show an Interest in Your Team Members

Although the vast majority of your day is likely focused on getting things done, it’s important to remember that your team members are people.

To show that you truly care about them, try asking about their personal interests and goals. Most people are more than happy to share, and this will help foster a healthy relationship between each of your employees and yourself.

#2: Recognize and Encourage Talents

Everyone has their own talents. Use this to boost your team by recognizing each member’s talents and offering opportunities for those talents to be used.

Not only does this help raise the confidence levels of your team members, it also increases productivity by ensuring each task is handed to the member who can perform it best.

#3: Offer Opportunities for Growth

Nobody wants to find themselves stuck in a rut. You can help your employees avoid this by offering plenty of opportunities for professional growth. Hold workshops and classes or research and recommend local opportunities that will allow your team to gain new skills and encourage them to tackle projects that are challenging for them. Remind your team members that growth is always good and their extra self-work could potentially be rewarded with new career opportunities in the future.

#4: Communicate Clearly and Effectively

Working with little direction is frustrating and can lead to an entire team of upset people. Avoid putting your employees through this by ensuring you over-communicate everything. Hold regular team meetings and one-on-one sessions in order to touch base and get everyone on the same page. You’ll also want to send meeting recaps and weekly updates via email and make sure you’re readily available and approachable should anyone have a question or problem.

#5: Say “Thank You” Every Day

All too often, we forget to say thanks to those who help us on a daily basis. Sure, your team members are doing what they’re paid to do, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show appreciation. A little bit of recognition can go a long way, meaning that simple “thanks” at the end of the day might be just what’s needed to boost your organization’s morale.

#6: Have a Positive Attitude

Remember that attitudes are contagious. If you head into work each day in a bad mood, it’s likely to rub off on your team. On the other hand, leaders who choose to have an upbeat attitude will quickly see a change in the office vibe. Give it a try! You’ll probably be surprised by the results.


These are some of the best ways to offer your team the support they deserve. Why not get started today and see what other ideas you can come up with?


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