3 Ways to Give Your Donors the Best Experience

3 Ways to Give Your Donors the Best Experience

In the nonprofit, fundraising industry, it’s important to keep your donors happy. Happy donors ensure a more consistent inflow of money for your organization. Here are three ways to improve your donors’ experiences and therefore help your nonprofit thrive:

1.  Go Mobile

Technology is your best friend: People are carrying around their phones everywhere they go. So, the best way to give your donors an amazing experience? Go mobile. Use every source of social media that you possibly can: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Creating all these accounts easily allows donors to stay up to date on your nonprofit, whether they’re on their phones waiting for a train to work or scrolling through their feeds at home on a Sunday afternoon.

Another great way to go mobile? Consider creating your own app for your organization. This allows users to access everything they need in one place. You can keep updates, contact information, upcoming events, donations, etc. all in one app, taking away the hassle of donating.

2.  Make it EASY: Life is hectic

Everyone has their own busy schedules of going to work, making dinner for the family, running errands, etc. The last thing donors want is something that complicates their already overwhelming lives. Make sure donating doesn’t turn into a chore for your donors. The easier, the better.

A great way to do this?

The round-up program!

Harness created this program to allow donors to give back by simply going about their everyday lives. Say you stop for coffee every morning before work. A large coffee costs you $5.75. With this program, it will round-up your purchase to the next whole dollar (in this case $.25) and donate that money towards your nonprofit or organization. It shows how little donations can lead to big changes.

Using this program keeps the donors happy. They know they’re making a difference without breaking the bank. It’s small, continuous donations instead of larger donations once or twice a year.

3. Keep your donors updated

When creating a lasting foundation of donors, it’s crucial to keep them updated on what their donations and efforts are going towards. It’s easy to feel disconnected from charities. In order to stand out amongst the nonprofit industry, show your donors what their donations are going towards. For example, the Children’s Dream Fund worked with Harness to create an app in which a section of it is dedicated to the children that are being helped. They uploaded videos of kids and their dreams and how these dreams are becoming reality because of such donations. Being able to see the kids and hear about their dreams connects the donors to the organization and makes them want to keep giving back.

Create a Facebook page. Make an Instagram account. Keep your donors in the loop. It doesn’t have to be strenuous for you to give your donors the best experience. It’s the little things that make their lives easier and keep them happier.

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