Hosting a Team Kickoff Meeting

Hosting a Team Kickoff Meeting

Harness kickoff meeting

Now that you and a few teammates are using Harness and seeing the benefits of the platform, you are ready to introduce it to your entire team. You’ve already done the groundwork, so now you can host a kickoff meeting to get the rest of your team on board with Harness.

If you’re ready to get all of your teammates on board, we recommend hosting a meeting with your team to discuss how they will benefit from Harness, and to start everyone off on the same page.

1. Create a Harness kickoff meeting agenda

Here are the steps we recommend adding to the agenda (keep reading for more details on each one):

  • Explain “Why Harness?”
  • Demo Harness features
  • Show your favorite features
  • Share how you use Harness
  • Inspire Team Confidence
  • Establish your goals, timeline, and next steps
  • Provide resources

 2. Explain “Why Harness?”

Before you host the meeting, we recommend taking the time to reflect on what your team’s goals are for using Harness, and incorporating them into this part of the meeting. You’ll also want to explain where Harness fits in with the other fundraising initiatives you’re already working on.

Explain the benefits of using Harness:

  1. Harness makes our ask much easier. 
  2. We now have a brand new recurring revenue steam.
  3. The entire platform is branded for our organization!

Next, define how Harness fits in with other fundraising initiatives that you already have established. Explain how Harness lets you create structured, actionable work in the form of tasks and projects, collaborate on that work, and measure your progress. It might also be a good idea to provide some real world examples of when you’d use Harness instead of another tool or vice versa (e.g., for donor updates, use Harness; for a quick behind the scenes look at the latest taking place at your organization).

Use our Intro Deck with your own talking points to help organize your thoughts. 

3. Demo Harness features

Walk your team through Harness’s key features to help you track work effectively, based on your team’s workflows. Be sure to cover the basics like:

You can also cover some of your favorite features, the results you’ve seen in Harness, what you like about it, and how the rest of the team will benefit from it. Here are some features you can show to get started:

  • Donation Settings
  • Impulse Donations
  • Projected Revenue
  • Impact Statements
  • Flash Donations

 4. Share how you use Harness

Harness is a flexible platform that can be used in many ways. Because there isn’t one “right” way to use Harness, you can explain how you’ve used Harness’s features thus far to establish a new fundraising campaign. Pull up some case studies and use cases to demonstrate how other organizations have structured things. Later, your team can get on the same page about what works best for your specific organization.

 5. Inspire Team Confidence

Getting your team to start a new fundraising campaign can be challenging. You might run into questions or hesitations along the way. Here are some ways to help your teammates feel confident in using Harness, and to remind them why your team chose it.

What you might be hearing:

  • The current way we work is fine
  • We have so many other tools we don’t even use

Taking time to review the reasons why you chose Harness and addressing team questions on a regular basis reminds everyone of the benefits of running ongoing fundraising campaigns with Harness. Harness is all about teamwork, so nobody should get left behind.

 6. Establish your goals, timeline, and next steps

Before wrapping up the meeting, make sure to establish a timeline for when you will put your plan into motion. 

  • Goals -- setting yourself up for success it's important to set goals for your organization. Fill out our goal setting worksheet to get off on the right foot. 
  • Timeline -- we recommend you to start onboarding your team immediately.
  • Next Steps -- debriefing after the kickoff meeting to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Once you’ve had your kickoff meeting, you’re ready to start inviting all your teammates to Harness to begin your new fundraising campaign!

The 3-Step Process to "Harness Change"

The 3-Step Process to "Harness Change"