Facebook Messenger

Using Facebook Messenger as a CONTACT US for clients

This is just a demo to show what it'd be like to use the FACEBOOK ID that we receive from Admins during onboarding to EASILY create a "Contact Us" link that goes directly to their Facebook Page Messenger.

Basically, we just have to append https://www.messenger.com/t/[facebookID] and it's as simple as that!

For example, you could go to our Harness Facebook messenger by clicking that link



Using the Facebook Messenger as a LIVE CHAT built into the Donation Widget

It's literally the most SIMPLE possible "Integration" without even being a real integration.  We can ALREADY do this and send users/visitors directly to a live chat with the Nonprofit. 

We basically receive credit for an INTEGRATION with a tool they already use just by having their Facebook ID and appending it to the Facebook Messenger URL.  Simple, straightforward, cheap and effective!


GIVE IT A SHOT - Click the image to the left


Use Cases

Here are just some of the proposed use cases for how we could leverage this feature:

Contact Us 

Button/Menu Option in the WebApp

The supporters can now live chat with staff of the organization and the staff members can easily respond since they'll get a facebook notification and be able to respond directly from messenger.  Creates the 1-to-1 personal messaging we've been trying to create

Opens in SAME window

Ask us a Question

Button/Menu Option in the WebApp

You can have "Ask us a Question" as a value proposition for why a donor should sign-up.  Now they have an instant communication channel with the organization (basically a real-time chat and support widget built into their donor dashboard.

Opens in SAME window

Need More Info / Learn More

Button/Menu Option in the Webapp

A "Learn More" button can be placed in areas like Campaigns/Impact Posts and other areas where a donor might want to ask a question to the nonprofit.  This is the EASIEST and QUICKEST way to supply that type of features and functionality.

Opens in NEW window

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