Embed Options for Organizations

Promote Donor Dashboard & Round-Ups directly on your Website

Visitors will then be able to EASILY sign-up and do all of the things in the donor dashboard without ever leaving the organization's website or page!





Try for yourself using the LIVE Screen on the left

Using some basic JS embedding <scripts> we can easily add the webapp and any of the features/landing pages to a donors website.   This allows them to make it TRULY part of their website (with ease) and surround our product (the donation mechanism) with images, stories and text about WHY they should sign up.  This puts the ball back in their court and allows them to basically create CUSTOM landing pages using their own website.

They're also able to ADD this to their "Donation Page" and surround it with more information on using the NEW ways to give and donor dashboard.

GIVE IT A TEST - the image on the left is a LIVE Screen




Add a way for people to Round-Up on any page of your website!

Just like above, we can use LIVE SCREEN embeds and just have them link directly to the STARTING page for each feature.

Signing up for Round-Ups, in this instance, can easily be fit into any website and surrounded with more details about WHY a user's change matters and what it'll mean if they sign-up.

Since we built the webapp to be MOBILE FIRST, it ALWAYS comes out looking good in this confined screen space and even shows up well on mobile since it's full-ish screen depending on the phone size.



Simple & Fast Donation Form directly on your webpage

Give clients a way to receive one-time/monthly donations in a flash by adding  a "Custom Donation" screen on their website.  This functions just like their current donation forms but in a much better looking and easier to use flow (instead of a big ugly form).  It's also whitelabeled to fit their branding so it'll fit seamlessly into their website.