The donate button below shows how you can LINK to the Harness Donation flow with a button on your squarespace site. 

I had it link to your campaigns so a donor could choose one to donate to:

Embed a small widget onto your website

On the left, you can see that you're able to easily embed a smaller version of your donor dashboard and donation platform into your website.  This allows you to fit it into your site on any page and a donor can complete their entire donation in a space the size of their phone without leaving that particular page.  

This allows you to surround the "Donation" ask with photos, stories, and other reasons WHY a donor should give to your cause and direct them to this widget.


Embedded Version

Kris, here is the embedded version to show what i'd look like on Squarespace if embedded.  We're currently working on removing the NavBar for the embedded version as well as making the process for non-users guests more seamless for UI/UX purposes.  We're in the final stages of this and will have it available for all sites/platforms in the next month.

In the meantime, here is what you can do with the embedding with Squarespace!