What Do Donors Look for in Giving

When potential donors scout a nonprofit for giving their dollars, they seek honesty, clear focus, and connection to the need. Beyond that, donors yearn to make a difference and to support a cause close to their heart. To find returning supporters, nonprofits need to know what their donors are looking for in their giving experience.

9 Simple Steps to Plan for Giving Tuesday

While some nonprofits may wonder if Giving Tuesday is really worth their time: it is. Giving Tuesday, which began as a way to celebrate philanthropy in New York City, is now a global movement. #GivingTuesday highlights organizations and giving through the use of online and social media platforms.

Date Your Donor

Just as you wouldn’t ignore a potential suitor, you can't ignore your donors. When someone gives to your cause, they're interested in you, so show that person you’re interested in them too. Donations are given by people with wants, needs, and desires. So, fulfill these - date your donor.